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Peep documentation:

There are currently two major documents that should help you get started with using Peep (and then some!). The general documentation contains information about installing peep, configuring Peep effectively, as well as a guide to the Peep server's internals for developers. To view the general documentation, click here:

All documentation detailing how to install clients as well as use the client libraries can be found in the client documentation at the link below. The clients currently follow the CPAN scheme of documentation. They can be installed via the usual perl idioms and the latest documenation can be gotten via perldoc.


Peep Enhancement Proposals are modelled after Python Enhancement Proposals. The proposals consist of a set of documents stored in CVS that contain proposals for enhancing the Peep infrastructure in upcoming versions. To view the PEPs over the web, follow the link below:

These are some documents produced during the design of peep that demonstrate some of the logic that went into the algorithms as well as the thought process. They are not the most organized as they very rough and much has been changed since they were created. But some may find it interesting. Consider them antiques =)