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Hi and welcome to Peep (The Network Auralizer): Monitoring your network with sound. The following two documents will help you get acquainted with Peep and better understand what Peep can do:
  1. The orginal Peep proposal: click here
  2. The paper presented at LISA 2000 and recipient of "best paper" award: click here

For those of you interested in hearing what a Peep server sounds like, the following demos should give you an idea of Peep's capabilities. I suggest listening to the individual sounds and then listen to sample demo taped off one of Tufts servers.

Event sounds
  1. Incoming Mail
  2. Outgoing Mail
  3. Bad DNS Queries
  4. telnetd Traffic
State sounds
  1. Load Average
  2. Number of Concurrent Users
  1. Low load average demo
  2. Higher load average demo